Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My first page using the AMAZING Take Me To The Old World Collaboration...

Back again with another post for the day, last one for today I promise. LOL! But I just HAD to come and show off my first page using the AMAZING AMAZING collaboration kit between sussieM Designs, Lotta Designs & Lily Designs called, Take Me To The Old World.

This collab is sold separately in 3 different kits from each designer to make one HUGE and AMAZING kit and OMG I have died and gone to heaven!! If you haven't picked these kits up already, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?? I am up to 4 pages so far using them and I could just keep using this kit over and over again for life because the ideas are endless!!

Ok I will shut up now and get this page on here before I keep going because, trust me, I COULD keep going all night long!! LOL! For this page I have used all of sussieM's kit. I have done a page each so far from each part and one with them all combined so keep ya eyes peeled for more to come!! LOL!

Old Rainy Day

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Ok I am outta here and into my bed for a short sleep before my alarm goes off at 6.00am. Bring on the Christmas holidays so I can sleep in more. HAHAHAHA! Night everyone and I hope this finds you all going awesome and I hope you all have an excellent day or night wherever this finds you.


Brydka said...

Tara you know I already Luv U :D hahaha, Awesome person and awesome Layouts :D

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