Sunday, January 31, 2010

"Cooking With Love" by Albina Design

WOW who can believe it's the very last day of January already. This month has just gone by way too fast and so has this weekend too.

I have some gorgeous pages to show off to you all using Albina's gorgeous kit, Cooking With Love. The colours in this kit are so yummy and what a beautiful kit to work with!

Cooking With Love
by Albina Designs
available at


And here are my pages using this beauty.

Cooking With Love

Love To Cook

Seems DST isn't sorted out yet, to see my most complete gallery with all my new pages in it, please check out my Oscraps gallery.

Ok I might happen to be back shortly with some more pages but I will play it by ear because it's already 11.15pm here. Todays just flown on by. LOL! Might happen to be because I have spent the day splitting wood in the heat. Stupid me! LOL! But it got a load of anger out that I have had building up for a long time. LOL! That will teach me for holding things in and not letting them out because now my hand is sooooo blistered up from the axe. LOL!
Ok I am starting to ramble. LOL! I hope this finds you all going amazing and if I am not back tonight I shall be back first thing in the morning.
Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Sweet Blog Award

Awwwwww I have yet another blog award, this time it's from my gorgeous friend Wendy.
Thank YOU soooo much Sweetpea! You've totally made my night once again girl!

1.) Tell us 10 things that make you happy.
2.) Give this award to 10 other people.

1. My Hubby and Daughters.
2. My Family.
3. My Friends.
4. Doing something nice for another person.
5. Listening to music.
6. Scrapbooking.
7. Art.
8. Photography.
9. Spending time on the beach with friends and family.
10. And something naughty that I can't write on here. LOL!

I so couldn't help myself with the last one.

And I give this award to:

Can't wait to see your answers girls. hehehehehe!

New Blog Award

I am back from driving and OMG I am sore. Didn't turn out to be just a nice little drive. Ended up having the chainsaw in the back of the bus and getting more wood ready for when Winter hits back here again. If I had have known what I was walking into I would have protested I tell ya HAHAHAHAHA!

So excited here, I have recieved ANOTHER blog award. This time it's an Inspiring Blog Award from 3 gorgeous girls, Vivolita, Lisa and Nirina. Thank you girls so VERY much.
You always put the biggest smile on my face!

My seven choices for this award are:

Thank you girls so very very much again! You always make my day so much.

Loads of news and some new beauties.....

WOW it's the weekend here already. Where did that week go?? LOL! Bit behind AGAIN here because we spent the night out the beach last night fishing and it was so fun as always. But guess what??? I have some VERY VERY exciting news to share with everyone!!! The totally adorable Dawn from Createwings Designs has invited me to join her Creative Team and I couldn't be more excited. Bouncing around like a little kid again I am here. hehehehehe! Thank you so so so so very much for having me on your amazing team Sweetie.

And not only am I new to Dawn's CT, I am also a newbie to Albina Design's CT too and I have spent this week busily scrapping some pages for her. She's a total Sweetie. Thank you heaps and heaps again for having me on your team Hun!!!

I have 4 new pages to show off to you all using Albina's beautiful kits today.

Giraffes Love Dancing
by Albina Design
available at


And here are both of my pages using this cute kit.

Nature Is Beautiful

Love At First Sight

Old Picture
by Albina Design
available at


And here are my pages using this beautiful kit.

Old Times

I also have a new page to show off using Catherine Designs kit, Guy Things which I brought with my Christmas coupons and it's beautiful!! And not just for the guys either!!


And here is my page using this gorgeous kit. This is a photo of one of my younger stunning cousins, Jensie. Isn't she gorgeous! Love ya Jens!! And missing you all soooooooo much.


Ok I am off for a little bit because I have just been told we are going for a drive because Hubby wants to get out of the house. Man, all this fresh air is knocking me about. LOL LOL! Apparently it's good for me though?? ROFL!
Hope this finds you all going great and I hope you all have an awesome weekend.
Friday, January 29, 2010

"You My Soul" by Tiramisu Design

Ok I am back with my last post for the night. LOL!

I am back this time with a beautiful new kit from Tiramisu Design and it's soooooo pretty.

by Tiramisu Design


And you can also grab yourself up these awesome clusters in Natalie's store too.

And here is my page using this gorgeous kit.

Your My Cuppa Tea

Ok it's 1.05am here now and I sooooo need my bed. Going to scrap my heart out tomorrow morning I reckon and then tomorrow afternoon we are off for the night fishing out Seven Mile Beach again with a heap of friends. LOVE going out there and catching up with everyone. It's so much fun and OMG what a good laugh too.
Ok I hope this finds you all going amazing and I hope you are all having an awesome week.

"Isn't She Lovely" by Cucciola Designs & Designs by Snoopy

Ok I am sooo back AGAIN! LOL LOL! Every email I open seems to remind me that I am sooo far behind and I need to get my butt into gear and catch up. LOL LOL!

I have another gorgeous kit to show off to you. This time it's a collab between Cucciola Designs & Design by Snoopy. The rich pinks and browns in this kit are just sooooo yummy. And yes, I can't get this song out of my head. What a beautiful name for a beautiful kit!

by Cucciola Designs & Design by Snoopy


And check these awesome extras out that you can also buy.

Get it all for one low price.

And if you head on over to Irina's (Cucciola Designs) blog you can pick yourself up this beautiful quickpage freebie!

And here are my pages using this beautiful kit.

Isn't She Lovely

A Dream Come True

Ok I reckon I might just happen to be back with one more gorgeous kit to show off before I hit my bed soon. I will give you all a break after this post. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Fresh Green" by Starlight Designs

I am back again sooner than I thought. LOL LOL! I was just going through my many many emails and I saw that Starlight Designs brand new kit has hit the store so I thought while I was on a roll, I'd keep going with it. hehehe!

by Starlight Designs


And here is my page using this beauty.

Fresh Green

Ok I am back to my emails for a little bit longer and playing catch up and then I am hitting my well deserved bed. My legs are starting to ache. LOL LOL!

"Be Mine" by Laura97432

Bit late getting on today because my internet connection has been out all day long here but I must say it was great to not sit at the PC. I got soooo busy here and my house is in such tip top shape, inside and outside too, I now have nothing to do for a few days now. LOL! I feel so great after doing it all but I can't let Hubby get too used to it can I. He might expect it more often. HAHAHAHAHA!
Had friends come around tonight too until 10pm which was great. They are sadly moving up the coast this weekend but now we have somewhere to stop for a cuppa when we go shopping each time now. LOL!

Ok I have a pretty new kit to show off to you all by Laura97432. Laura RAK'd me the other day with this kit and I jumped at the chance beacuse she always always leaves me the most beautiful comments. Thank you heaps again Sweetie!!

by Laura97432

And if you head on over to Laura's blog you can pic yourself up this beautiful QP and Cluster freebie.

And here is my page using this pretty kit.

Be Mine

Thank you heaps for looking and I hope this finds you all going great. I will be back tomorrow for longer (if my net stays connected longer that is LOL) and will have more pretties to show off.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

"My Memories" by MaryPop Designs

I am back and this time I have a new kit from MaryPop to show off to you all.

by MaryPop Designs


And if you head on over to Mary's blog you can pick yourself up these amazing freebies.


And here are my pages using this beauty.

My Memories


Ok I am off again. Busy busy busy here. LOL! Hope this finds you all going awesome and having a great day or night wherever this may find you.