Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Collab Kit by Melancolie & Mimilou Designs...

It's 1.15am in the morning and I am BACK from fishing, had a fair bit too much to drink and I am about to make a blog post. ROFL! Yep, I have a problem I think. HAHAHAHAHA! Let's see if this comes out right. HAHAHAHAHA!

The gorgeous Melancolie and Mimilou Designs have come together and have made a gorgeous new collab kit called, Un monde merveilleux. This kit is loaded full of all things winter and christmas too.

Un monde merveilleux

by Melancolie & Mimilou Designs

And here is my page using this gorgeous kit:

Snuggly Winter Time

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Ok I better get off here and get to my bed soon. I am hoping I don't have a hangover in the morning I tell ya! LOL! Might I add, I am not a big drinker but tonight I have let my hair down a bit. HAHAHAHA! But we had an awesome night out with friends and going to be doing it a lot more now that the warmer weather is starting to come back. BRING ON SUMMER!! LOL! Ok I am outta here. Hope this finds you all going awesome and I hope you all have an awesome weekend!!


Mumure said...

Happy Halloween sweetie :o)

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