Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Spring Faeries" by Holliewood Studios.....

Do you believe in Faeries? I certainly do now!! Hollie from Holliewood Studios has a brand spanking new kit out and if this doesn't help you to become a believer I don't know what will. This kit is also about playing with scale. Flowers should be BIG and your little faeries should be small. All of us girls on Hollie's team had sooooo much fun playing with scale. Hollie's amazing, she always has us thinking and her kits open up so many opportunities for sooooo many pages. Love her to bits!

Make sure you go and check this work of art out and also check out all of the girls pages too. They are all so so amazing and mind blowing! Especially Hollie's page with her son riding a toad! A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and so realistic it makes you want to go out into your backyard and see if you have little kids riding around on toads! hehehe!

by Holliewood Studios

And here are all FOUR of my pages. I could totally keep going with this kit. The possibilities are ENDLESS!

Bubby Spring Faerie

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Enchanted Garden

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Spring Faeries

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Believe In Magic

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Ok I am off to do some house cleaning for a little bit and feed this darling little newborn calf I am babysitting for 2 weeks while a friend is going away and I might be back sometime today. It's drizzling rain here today which is GREAT! Just wish it would pour down and get rid of the muggy humidity. Been so warm and sticky here the past few days and I have no air con so yep, I have been whining a bit here. LOL! NOT that I am knocking it because I am over the cold cold Tassie weather. LOL!
I hope this finds you all going great and I hope you are all having a brilliant week.


wendy said...

fantastic pages sweetie!!
and your blog design! wowwww!!

It's outstanding! love it!!

Didee said...

Love, love, lovin' your pages, so so sweet!!! You totally rocked that awesome kit girl!! xo

createwings said...

This is so much fun and magical Tara... love your creativity! You are on a roll! ((hugs))

Angeljet said...

I LOVE your pages!! Sweetie, you're so talented!! Hollie is lucky to have you in her team!!
Must buy this kit too.

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