Saturday, May 1, 2010

"Beautiful Day" by MK-Designs

OMG what a traumatic 24 hours I have had here! ROFL! Between my power going out, my internet not working and OMG last night going to see if there is anywhere that sells power (we have pre-paid power here in Tasmania) apart from the newsagents, which had been closed for a fair few hours when we went into town, we ran out of petrol (gas) a little bit out of town! OMG OMG OMG! Impressed, NOT! LOL! So off my Hubby goes running into town to catch the petrol station before it closes and left me and the 3 girls in the dark, cold car for ages. Talk about scaredy pants Tara here. LOL! Anyway, Hubby gets back to the car after running into town and back out again with petrol and off we go back to the servo to fill the car up and guess what? No where in this silly state sells power after they close shop for the day, around 4.30pm - 5.00pm here in Tassie. So off we go home, to spark up the generator! LOL! We had a lamp and my modem hooked up to the generator and I got Hubby's work lappy out which was fully charged and away I went in some sort of fashion. LOL!
Talk about bloody laugh! As traumatic as it all was, I just can't stop laughing now. LOL!

But wait it gets better! All morning my connection has been out, yet again so I got on the phone to the new ISP that I got switched to this morning because my last ISP sold us all out (typical Aussie Broadband fashion, they SUCK) and the new ISP, SkyMesh, fixed my problem out STRAIGHT away! OMG! Months and months of getting shunned away and I finally have an awesome new ISP! YAYYYY! SkyMesh you ROCK! Thank you to Michael who helped me out and also gave me the BEST laugh for the day! LOL LOL!
Thanks Mate!!!

So this explains why I have been all over the shop lately and why I am so so so far behind! It's all thanks to my last sucky and very bad ISP! LOL!

Ok onto business hey? LOL! Man I have been rambling on and on, on this blog lately. hehehehe! Sorry guys! LOL! Hopefully that's the last of my bad luck! Touchwood.

I have a totally totally adorable new kit from Marlies to show you all today. It's totally gorgeous!

by MK-Designs

And here are my pages using this gorgeous kit. Both are RAK pages for my girls, Magda and Linda and their gorgeous little sons.

Hide and Seek - RAK 4 Magda

Click Here to view full credits in my Deviant Scrap Gallery.

Such A Beautiful Day - RAK 4 Linda

Click Here to view full credits in my Deviant Scrap Gallery.

Ok I have to keep running and catch right up and maybe fit in some shopping now that I have my connection working again. I almost died here! Felt like saying to them, don't you know it's NSD!!!! LOL LOL!
I hope this finds you all going so amazing and I hope you all have a brilliant weekend. Fingers crossed I do here. LOL!
Happy Shopping Everyone!!!


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