Monday, May 24, 2010

Loads of new goodies at Deviant Scrap

Good Afternoon Everyone!

Still feeling as crook as a dog here. Can't actually wait until the 2nd of June to get into the doctors. The waiting lists are totally ridiculous down here in Tassie at the moment to see your GP! Grrrrrrr. Been waiting 3 weeks now to get in. It sucks! :(

I have loads of new goodies to show off to you today from Deviant Scrap. I will start off with one of the brand new designers to the store, Clementine Designs. This kit is LOADED and I mean LOADED full of goodies. A must have for any scrap stash for sure!

by Clementine Designs

And here are my pages using this awesome and loaded full kit.

Welcome To Tommy Town - RAK 4 Magda

Eryk's Playhouse - RAK 4 Magda

Fill Er Up!

Lily's Day Out

And if that wasn't enough, if you head on over to the Deviant Scrap store, you can pick up this totally amazing freebie add-on kit! How cool is THAT!

by Clementine Designs

And here is my page using both the freebie and kit mixed together.

My Little Idaho

But wait there is more! hehehe! While you are over in Clementine's store grab yourself up this totally amazing amazing collab between Clementine and Lorie Davison! It's on sale for a short while so be quick to grab it up at this bargain price! If only I had have held off one more day and I could have gotten this on sale too. HAHAHAHAHA! Well worth every cent I paid for it I tell ya. These 2 girls are amazing together!

by Lorie Davison and Clementine Designs

And here are my pages using this amazing collab.

Pioneer Spirit

Free Spirit

I don't have any pages uploaded in the galleries yet but I will hopefully have them all up by the end of the week. LOL!

Ok hang onto your seat, there is loads more to come! LOL! Marsha girl has been a very VERY busy girl putting all of her amazing goodies onto JPEG Collage Sheets for everyone who doesn't work digitally and OMG she has done LOADS! 19 packs actually! Amazing hey! Run on over to her store to check them all out.

Here is a new piece I have made using all of Marsha's awesome goodies and also Nancy's freebie in store too which is shown below.

Feeling Glamorous - ACT

And there is even more news! There is another new designer hitting the Deviant Scrap store today! Nancy from Crowabout StudioB is WOWING the store with her amazing and awesome goodies! Check them all out! Totally AMAZING!

by Crowabout StudioB

by Crowabout StudioB

by Crowabout StudioB

by Crowabout StudioB

by Crowabout StudioB

by Crowabout StudioB

by Crowabout StudioB

by Crowabout StudioB

LOL, that was a lot to take in wasn't it. hehehehe! Head on over and grab yourself up some bargains and some amazing new goodies! Ok I am off to get my girls from the bus stop in a minute. Had a friend call in for the arvo which was totally awesome. Loveeeee catching up with her. Thanks heaps Mate again! Love ya to bits!! xoxoxo

Hope this finds you all going totally amazing and having a great day or night wherever this may find you.


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