Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Dreamland" by High Four Designs

Good Morning Everyone,

I have a quickie post this morning before I get back into this Spring/Winter cleaning. Aghhh! I was on such a roll till Hubby came home with a guest from work that I hadn't met before so I had to go like a mad cat and clean the mess we had going on in the loungeroom. LOL! Was actually a good time to stop for the day anyway because my poor neck, back and shoulders were throbbing. LOL!

Any way, back on topic. hehehe! I have an adorable kit to show off to you this morning by Dani, aka High Four Designs.

by High Four Designs

And here are my 3 pages using this adorable kit.

Angel Dreams

Click Here to view full credits in my DS gallery.

In Dreamland - RAK 4 Anna

Click Here to view full credits in my DS gallery.

Off In Dreamland

Click Here to view full credits in my DS gallery.

Ok I am off to brave the rest of this cleaning. Aghhh! Anyone wanna come and do it for me?? ROFL!
Ok, ok I will do it myself. hehehehe! I hope this finds you all going awesome and having a great day or night.


Tracey@glitterbugstudios said...

wow Tara! your lo's are so dreamy! LOL, couldn't help myself! Seriously, you are blowing me away with these!

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