Tuesday, September 7, 2010

My little Mini Me....

Back again with my last post for the day! I promise. hehehehe!

I have a gorgeous collab that I brought from Shayarka Designs and NatashaNaSt Designs a while ago and I am finally getting it up on my blog. Can you tell how far behind I am yet? LOL! I have so many goodies to play with but not enough hours in the days yet. Whaaa. LOL!! This collab is simply adorable and both Shayarka and Natasha make a gorgeous combination!

by Shayarka Designs and NatashaNaSt Designs

And here is my page so far using this precious kit with my youngest daughter Lily in it twice. Wouldn't we all love a little friend like this! I know I would! LOL!

Mini Me

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Ok I must keep moving and get busy! I will give you all a break now for a few days over here while I am playing catch up! hehehehe!
I hope you all have a brilliant week, I have got the kids home on school holidays so I will be in and out with them for 2 weeks while the sun is shining. Speaking of which, it's just poked it's head behind a big rain cloud. BUGGAR! LOL! Ok be good and I shall be back in a few days.


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