Monday, September 28, 2009

Some GORGEOUS new RAK pages

Ok I am back again with some more pages. I am sooo excited with all of these pages. My best work YET I reckon. Although I must say the gorgeous designs I have gotten to work with are just totally drop dead gorgeous too!!

Ok will jump straight on in hey? hehehehehe! Hope you girls like them as much as I do. hehehe! Big kisses to ya all xoxo

The first one is using sussieM Designs GORGEOUS GORGEOUS kit, Fruitopia. You sooo have to have this in your scrap stashes!!

Fruitopia - RAK for Arumrose

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And again using sussieM Designs gorgeous kit, Fruitopia.

Fruit Of Your Creation - RAK for Tracey Lee

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And this GORGEOUS page was made using MK-Designs GORGEOUS new kit, Soul Pieces of Autumn.

Soul Pieces - RAK for Vanessa06

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And last but certainly not least, this gorgeous new page was made using Newlife Dreams GORGEOUS new kit, Autumn Splendor and her blog Freebie, Autumn's Here.

Autumn Splendor - RAK for SparklyDuck75

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Sooooo in love with each and every page here. I hope you like them too. Ok I better start thinking about getting to my bed soon. Have to be up at 6.30am to get the girls ready for Kinda and School and then get myself motivated to go to school in the afternoon and go swimming with Gypsy's kinda class. Sooooooooo not wanting to get in a pair of bathers in the FREEZING cold weather. What's the bet I get a cold from getting in a heated pool and then out into the FREEZING cold Tassie air. LOL LOL! Hope you are all going awesome.


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