Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"2010" by Starlight Designs & Thaliris Designs

Goood Morning!!

It's freezing here today! Brrrrr. Just want we need to keep the flu away, NOT! LOL! Sick of this hot cold hot cold weather, just bring on the HOT HOT HOT! Need to defrost I tell ya! LOL! Just trying to get the wood heater going now but do you think it wants to start for me, NO!! LOL!

I have a gorgeous new collab kit to show off to you by Starlight Designs and Thaliris Designs.

by Starlight Designs & Thaliris Designs

And here is my page using this awesome kit:

Me And My Bear

Click Here to leave some lovin' at DST.

Ok I am flat out here today like a lizard drinking so I might return this afternoon sometime. We'll see what happens. LOL LOL! Hope this finds you all going safe and well and have an awesome Tuesday/Monday!
Hugs & Kisses,


heather said...

is that whining i hear with the weather :))
LOL.. try 100 degrees here today..:(
there never is a happy medium is there.. last week we had it cool and you had it hot..
godamn idiot weather..~x(
Love the new page Tarty.. awesome !!!!!!!!

Tara said...

ROFL! YES =)) that IS whining you hear. LOL LOL! It's friggen chilly today!! HAHAHAHA! I would gladly swap ya this week now the kids haven't got high temps. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Stupid weather!!! LOL!

Thank you heapsssss Sis!!
Love You xoxox

heather said...

yep stupid.. why cant we both get a nice temp we like.. like is that too effing much to ask? :-L well is it????? LOL
think im gonna immigrate to Europe.. then i can whine about my ass freezing off.. LOL..

Tara said...

Yeah I know hey!! It's been bloody cold, wet and windy here today, ALL day and now the sun has come out, the wind has knicked off and the rain too and it's as humid as all F now. LOL LOL! Stupid Tassie weather. LOL LOL!

LOL LOL! Why go to all the effort of going to the other side of the world, COME HERE! LOL! It gets friggen cold enough in Winter and Summer for ya. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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