Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A new RAK page for Wendy

G'day Everyone,

I am back again, and haven't slept properly yet, AGAIN. But I must say, the girls have a little zing in their step today, especially poor little Lily who seems to be copping it all the worst out of us all. Poor little dot. I hate it when my babies are so sick. AND with all 3 home and not at school, well lets just say they aren't all the best of friends at the moment. Fight after fight after fight here and screaming, OMG! Doesn't help that for the past 2 days my Hubby has been up the coast doing some stupid course for work that he already has done back when we lived in Victoria. I honestly don't know HOW you single mothers/fathers do it, I really don't and I commend you you for what you do on your own! Kudos to you all!!

Ok enough of the sappy sooky side of Tara! LOL! I am here to show off a RAK page I made for the gorgeous gorgeous Wendy (wendy85) with her gorgeous little kiddies on it. I hope you like it Sweetness! I used Lily Designs gorgeous new kit, Letter To Santa to make this page up too.

Family - RAK for wendy85

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Ok I reckon I will be back later on tonight with a new page to show off. I reckon it's might just be a new beauty from the gorgeous Mystique Designs (Brydka). hehehehe! Hope this finds you all safe and well and I shall return later on.
Big Hugs & Kisses,


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