Friday, November 27, 2009

On A Rainy Sunday...

G'day Everyone!!! The weekend is almost almost here again! The days and weeks are flying away from me too fast. Dreading the whole Christmas rush too! Can you believe that is only ONE month away. No me either!

I got a bit bored last night and decided to have a play in PS and I made a new page. I used Jofia's gorgeous kit, Rainy Sunday to match my blog. hehehe! I love everything and anything Jofia makes. Here is my page:

On A Rainy Sunday

Click Here to leave some love over at DST.

Ok I shall be back this evening with something else to show off. Not sure what yet because I haven't gotten to PS yet today. Spent too much time looking in the DST gallery at all the amazing and STUNNING pages in there. WOW!!! Hope this finds you all going amazing and I hope you are having an awesome day or night where ever this finds you. Off to PS to play and Maryse, if your reading this, you may find yourself a present by the end of the day. hehehehehe!
Hugs & Kisses,


heather said...

Your page is gorgeous Tartgirl.. and the new blog kicks ass too..
me.. i have done bugger all today cept bitch.. lol.. i need to go get a psp fix i think..
just wanted to tell you i love the new stuff.. :)

Brydka said...

Stuuuuuuuuning my sweetheart :D Awesome blog, and now the pages :D looooooooooooovya :D

Mumure said...

Of course I'm reading this Tara ;)) ;)) ;))
LOVE your new blog design and LOVE Jofia Devoe's design too!!
Your page is AWESOME!!!I go to DST to spread love on this marvel :x
Hugs and kisses xxxxxxx

Didee said...

Totally lovin' your blog sweets!!! Thank you for posting my page at DST GSO, you are such a sweet girl!! Big hugs hun! xo

Tara said...

Awwwwww you girls are all so gorgeous ya know. Thank youuuu and Di, you are sooooooo welcome!!! You know how much I adore everything you create!! AMAZING!!!!

Big Kisses & Hugs girls,

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