Saturday, November 28, 2009

Trapped In My Own Nightmare

Ok between talking to a certain West Ozzie on the phone today, yes you Miss Wildchild LOL LOL and doing my dishes I created two layouts today (one which just needs a few more tweaks) and the one I am about to show you which really represents the mood and feeling I was in once I finished it!!! LOL!

Because I was being stupid and lazy too, I STUPIDLY didn't save anything as I was making this page. The idea was so fresh in my head so in the end it worked better than I imagined anyway, BUT, yes there is a BIG BUT!!!
I have made this page 3 times now today! WHY you ask me? Well my power cut out twice on me, RIGHT when I was almost done. I was beyond ticked off because after the first time I thought this won't happen again and thought I will get it done fast because I knew what I was doing and BANG! Out the power went again. I had to extract the same images OVER and OVER again and on the 3rd time you know what I did don't ya! Yep, I saved the silly bloody thing every couple of minutes!!! LOL LOL! So I finally finally got it done by the end of the day and I ran out of time for your special little something Maryse so it's on my list first thing in the morning. Sorry Sweetie. xoxoxo

Ok here we go, my major headache of a layout. LOL! I have used Newlife Dreams awesome Halloween kit, Hocus Pocus to make this page. Which might I add is on sale this weekend with 40% off the price!! AMAZING!!!

Trapped In My Own Nightmare

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Ok it's 1.50am here and I think I might go get to bed before I turn into a pumpkin. LOL! Downloading the GORGEOUS new kits from Createwings Designs, Jofia Designs and one of Newlife Dreams too while I sleep so I will have some more gorgeous new goodies to play with over the weekend. YAYYY! Ok I am outta here. I hope this finds you all going amazing and I hope you all have the best weekend!!
Hugs & Kisses,


Brydka said...

Taraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa..... This is awsome, and that a page, woooooooooooooooow. Girl, this is awesome. And i love read u :D

Mumure said...

This makes me laugh...Sorry!!I exactly know what you mean,doing the same thing again and again and after that saving again and again!!But the page is so GORGEOUS and you were right to go to a lot of trouble!!!
Don't worry Sweetie,that's not a problem.You have all the time you need,I'm only 40 :d
Could you please take a picture when you will turn into a pumkin please,PLEASE Tara =))
Have a good night Hunny.
Hugs and love xx

Frances said...

Tara, I appreciate your gumption, to stick with your page after so many tries! I have gone through the same thing, too! You just want to throw something! And hit yourself beside the head for being so stupid as to not save after the first time you've lost everything! Your page is amazing. I'm glad you persevered. I can relate to this guy! Sigh. Really love your work and I'm so glad I found your blog. Haven't been on DST today but will look at your new page(s) as soon as I can.

heather said...

who me? you was talking to me? LOL..
save!! save!! save!!.. i learned that lesson before too.. im glad you got it finished coz it rocks tart girl..
love you

heather said...

Tarty.. your little chat box the saying G'day isnt working.. have refreshed the page a few times.. but nada...
i have to get moving.. im sooo not feeling like it.. lol.. but can you tell me next time we talk.. or you can log in my blog if ya want.. lol.. and i wanna make labels.. ohh yeah and i copied your live traffic feed thing too.. sighs.. its such a bitch to see stuff i dont have and i have to have it.. lol..
love you.. have a great weekend sissie..

Dawn said...

What a gorgeous blog you have and I really enjoyed reading about this crazy journey that this page took you on! I have to say way to stick with it and continue to finish it after 3 different tries! The worst thing is to be working on something really hard and then have it in one second "Gone". I'm off to leave your ever deserving page some love. I'm happy to see that you are excited about the kit... it was so nice to find your blog.


createwings designs

Tara said...

:D Thank youuuuuuu Bry. hehehehehe!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Maryse, =)) I will get it done before your 41 I promise. HAHAHAHAHA! I have finished it all now and emailed it all over too. It looks AWESOME if I do say so myself. LOL LOL! And yes, next time I turn into a pumpkin, you will definatley see a photo for sure!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ohhhh and trust me, when I was making this blog post I couldn't stop laughing BUT at the time I was in tears. HAHAHAHAHA! Soooo glad I persisted with it cause I am soooo happy with it. Thank Youuuu Sweetie xoxoxo

Frances, LOL LOL!! Girl, I soooooo wanted to throw and hit so many things. LOL! I gruffed under my breath so much and I must admit, a lot of swear words came flying out of my mouth, rather loudly too. LOL LOL! Thank you so very much Sweetie!! Have you got a blog? It won't let me see anything when I click on your link. Either that or I am having a total blonde moment. LOL! xoxoxoxoxo

Speaking of blonde moments, =)) yes, you heather!! HAHAHAHAHA! I am save save saving from now on, trust me. I am NOT going through that again. LOL! I will be looking worse than the bloke on my page otherwise. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Your blog is all done Sissie and I even added an Subscribe by email thing too through Feedburner. Ya ready to rock N roll!!!! LOL! xoxoxoxoxoxo

AND Dawn, thank you heaps and heaps and heaps Sweetie!!! It means the world coming from you. Your amazing Sweetie and so are your gorgeous designs. You can see how much work you put in every single item in a kit. Magic!! Thank you heaps also for your awesome comment over at DST too. I appreciate it heaps Sweetie!! xoxoxo

I hope you girls all have the BEST weekend and thank you heaps again!! I am off to play with a special Sweet Pea kit now. I need a scrap fix. hehehehe!

Big Hugs & Kisses,

Amisza vel BlackCat Designs said...

Tara Sweetie :-*
I sent You pm on the forum MaryPop. In pm are links for my new kit for blinkies, ok?:x
hugs and kisses

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