Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Holliewood Studios ROCKS my world!!! LOL!

Back again!!! LOL! This time I have 2 pages to show off using the gorgeous Holliewood Studios YUMMY kits!!! I am in AWE of this girl so much with her extractions in each kit and they are ALL so packed FULL!

Ok I will start off with this AWESOME kit, Queen Bee.

And here is my page using this awesome kit. You can really let your imagination fly with Hollie's designs. LOVE IT!

All I Can Say...

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And next we have the awesome awesome kit, Old School.

And here is my second page using the awesome awesome kit! This is also a RAK for my gorgeous friend, Teresa (teresnlilly).

Rock On - RAK 4 teresnlilly

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Ok I shall return again with one more post for the night. GOT to show off my new pages with Dawn (Createwings Designs) new kit Sweet Pea and Jofia's new kit too Straight From Heaven. LOL!


createwings said...

Wow Tara I am really enjoying your work! I'm also so thrilled that you are going to create a page using one of my kits... Can't wait to see it... I was on my way to DST to give you some love on your "All I can Say" page and i have a question.... is this you in the photo? Is that your dog? It would be really awesome if you wrote a little more about your pages as I would love to be in your head a little more as I love pages like these that are different. I miss scrapping like this so free....and think you have inspired me to maybe make some time for it.... I get a little "cave like" when I'm working on a kit so I treasure this time when I can surf around a little. Have a happy & creative day!


Tara said...

Ohhhhh Dawn thank you so much Sweetie. It means the world to me to read your messages. Always love them!!

I have made 2 pages so far with your Sweet Pea kit and wow I love that kit. They are in the post above this one and I have one needing to go into the gallery very soon using your Always Remember kit too. LOVE them so so much. You can see the amazing work you put into every detail girl!

Now as for my "All I can say" page, I always forget to write more details. LOL! But that girl isn't me, I got that photo off DeviantArt and that gorgeous puppy dog is actually in Hollie's kit. Isn't he beautiful. He looks so much like my friends dog Rex. And as soon as I saw this kit, the very first thing that came to my head was that song from Blind Melon called No Rain. I sooo had to find a photo of a girl in a bee outfit. LOL!

I must say too that I am loving the pages I make when I open my mind up like this. Really puts a good spin on my mind. LOL! As soon as I see a kit now I try and visualise what makes me tick before I even start the page now. Where as before I would be bang bang bang and it's done. LOL! I actually sit back and think about it first now.

Ok I better get this baby girl ready for her morning nap soon and do a quick little house clean and then get into PS and open my mind up again. hehehe! Thank you so very much again for your gorgeous comments and I hope you have the BEST day Sweetie.

Big Hugs & Kisses,
Tara xoxoxo

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