Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"All my love for You" by Mystique Designs...Coming Soon....

Well I have had a busy day today! I have made 2 cakes and I even iced them both and decorated them. Usually when I make a cake I can't be bothered icing it so they get eaten as is. LOL LOL! And I had tea ready and cooked and ready to be warmed when it came time to eat it and when the vegies were cooked too and I made an Apple Pie from scratch and OMG was it YUMMY! I am soooo going to be making them more because the kids LOVED it, actually they loved EVERYTHING I made today! Shock horror. LOL!

In between cooking I played the Wii heaps with the kids too while I transfered 196GB of scraps from one EHD to another and then I cleaned up my HD and WOW are we running a HEAP better now. LOL! Pretty happy with myself today. hehehehehe! Yep, I finally got off my butt and did something. Feels good, but shhhhhh, don't let my Hubby know I enjoyed it. He might want it done all of the time! LOL LOL LOL!

Ok onto this beautiful new kit from Brydka, aka Mystique Designs called All my love for You.
This kit isn't in the store right at this moment but she's working on it today. Poor ole Bry is having trouble getting her internet on so be patient and keep your eyes peeled in her store to grab this one up.


And here is my page using this beauty.

Look Into Your Heart

Click Here to leave some love in my Oscraps gallery
as DST is STILL out. OMG! LOL!

Ok I am off to my bed in a second seems it's already 1.07am. WHERE has that time gone?? LOL!
I hope this finds you all going brilliant and have a good day/night wherever this may find you in the big wide world.


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