Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Celebrate You by Joelle

G'day G'day!

I am so far behind here. Aghhhh! LOL! In a bit of a sooky mood tonight because Mum and Dad flew out today after their 2 week stay. Going to miss them so much BUT there is an upside. They are going to go home and save like crazy and hopefully within 6 months they will be moving down here. Dad was talking to a painter today and there is so much work down here and they can't keep up so now it's lit the fire in them and they are FINALLY going to do it. YAYYYY! Will be sooo awesome to have help on hand when I need them and a weekend away here and there for the old boy and myself would be so awesome. LOL! I have forgotten what it's like to go out without children surrounding me now. LOL LOL!

AND speaking of children, my baby girl Lily turned the big 2 today. I can't believe 2 years has gone so fast. And it's like she has grown up so much over night too. Depressing I tell ya. LOL! And my middle girl Gypsy just turned the big 5 nine days ago. Where THAT 5 years has gone has me totally stuffed. LOL LOL!
Just dreading Jaz's 10th birthday now in June. Still feels like yesterday that I had all of them hey. Whaaaa. Yep, I am a total sook! LOL LOL!

I will be back full swing come Wednesday I reckon. Can't wait to get my mojo happening again. It's off on holidays still at the moment. Need to give it a swift kick up the bum and get it out of holiday mode. HAHAHAHA! I have my girlfriend coming around tomorrow to work on her wedding invitations and it's going to be sort of paper scrapbooking so I have something new to learn tomorrow. Kind of scared because there is no undo in real life so fingers crossed between the pair of us we can get it to work. LOL LOL!

Ok shutting up cause I really COULD dribble on all night long but I so have to get my butt into bed as soon as I do this post. LOL!

I have a GORGEOUS and sweet kit to show off to you all using Joelle's brand new kit Celebrate You. If you haven't checked out Joelle's amazing and gorgeous designs out yet, GET TO IT! hehehe! I am not kidding you, they are AMAZING and I love each and everyone of them and Joelle too, OMG she is just the biggest Sweetheart!!


And here are my pages using this amazing kit, and yes, I was pretty original with naming the layouts too. LOL LOL!

Celebrate You

Click Here to leave some love in my DST gallery.

Celebrate You

Click Here to leave some love in my DST gallery.

Told ya, beautiful isn't it! Ok I have to get to my bed because I am in great need of sleep. LOL!
I hope this finds you all going so amazing and I shall be back full swing on Wednesday I reckon after we get these wedding invites done. Well I will try to be. LOL!
Big Hugs & Kisses,


Angeljet said...

Congrats on the birthday of your DD Lily!!! Stunning pages you've made, hun!

createwings said...

Hi Tara... I think my life will be back to normal full swing by Wednesday also... it is so hard to get back into it all after a break. I'm taking down the decorations today and tomorrow...blah!

I posted some of your pages you created using my designs on my blog today. They are gorgeous. Have a wonderful week.



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