Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New L♥♥K blogwear & A freebie from Lily Designs

G'day Everyone,

It's 12.20am here and I have finally finished my brand new looking blogwear to start off the year. Now all I have to do is get a new photo of myself and the make-over is done. YAYYY!

This time I have used an amazing and very gorgeous kit, Into The Night, from the very talented and beautiful Dawn from Createwings Designs. If you haven't checked this beauty out yet, head on over to the After Five Designs store and check out all of her amazing designs!!
Thank you Sweetie for your amazing talent!!!

Here is a preview to the kit I have used. LOVE the rich colours in this kit and all the handmade elements!
AMAZING! I can't wait to make a layout using this kit! Think that might just happen tomorrow. hehehe!


My girlfriend couldn't come today so we are now doing the wedding invites on Thursday so I got myself really busy in Photoshop and did a challenge from over in the After Five Designs forums and picked myself up this gorgeoussss challenge freebie from Lily Designs. Head on over to HERE and grab yourself up a beautiful new kit and participate in the challenge. It's awesome!


And here is my page using this beautiful kit. I have another page in the works already for the challenge too. LOL!

Vintage White

Click Here to leave some love in my DST gallery.

Ok it's now 12.40am and I sooooo need some sleep. I am so tired from the past 2 weeks with Mum and Dad here and I have been outside the whole time and my body isn't used to fresh air I don't think. HAHAHAHAHA! My skin didn't appreciate the overdose of Vitamin D either because I ended up getting sunburnt 2 days in a row and WOW it's been a long time since that has happened. LOL! But I must say I have tanned up a lot now. LOL! Almost look like a mainlander again. HAHAHAHAHA!
Ok I am outta here. I hope this finds you all going amazing and having a great day or night wherever this finds you.
Hugs & Kisses


createwings said...

Oh my what a treat to come by and see your blog all dressed up with my designs...WOW.. this made my day Tara... I'm so thankful that our paths have crossed and I'm enjoying getting to know you better... Thanks for putting a huge smile on my face..

Love and Light,


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