Saturday, January 9, 2010

Invites all done & some new layouts to show off...

The weekend is here, YAYYY! Well my Saturday is almost over but it's so warm here today so I have been sitting here playing in Photoshop again working on CT layouts again. I have 2 more pages to make and I am so up to date it's not funny. LOL! I have made 14 layouts all up so far this week AND I think my mojo is pretty much all back again. Well 99% back anyway. LOL LOL!

Before Christmas I went and brought this GORGEOUS Christmas Collab kit from sussieM Designs & Em-ka Designs called So This Is Christmas, and WOW it's gorgeous.


The first page I made is a RAK for the gorgeous Vanessa06. I hope you like it Sweetie!

So This is Christmas (RAK 4 Vanessa06)

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Christmas Is In The Air

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My girlfriend came around yesterday and we got her wedding invitiations all done and WOW we are sooo happy with the way they came out. I really really would love to start my own little business up doing this kind of thing but we will see. I really need to do some research I think. And I also forgot to take a photo of the big 18x18 Inch canvas I got printed for my friend to show off to everyone. It came out AMAZING! Beyond amazing actually!! Everyone who goes to see it falls in love with it and are all amazed so I would LOVE to go into business that way too. We will see! LOL! Need to pull my finger out I tell ya! LOL LOL!

Here is a photo of the invites I made yesterday. I wanted to add more but I had to keep it simple and it came out so gorgeous. I used Lily Designs gorgeous weddign rings from her Wedding kit and I also used the gorgeous frame from Cali Designs Shine On You kit to make this beauty up.


We are sooooo happy for Tricia and Ricky, they both totally deserve this happiness. The whole family do especially after the tragic year 2009 brought them.
Much love to the 7 of you guys!!
Love You's

Ok I better keep moving for now. I might be back later on. Will see what happens. I hope you all have an amazing weekend where ever you are in the world and be safe. Oh before I go, I have to let out a little secret!! LOL! If you are a lover of Holliewood Studios then keep your eyes peeled the next few days cause all I can say is WOW WOW WOW!!! hehehehehehe!
Hugs & Kisses


Lisadee said...

Your blog is amazing hun ... thanks for checking in on me - hugs Lisa

wendy said...

woww looks all soo fantastic!!!
I especially love the second page! woww!

Tara said...

Awwwww thank YOU girls soooo much!!!!!!
Big Hugs & Kisses

createwings said...

Tara... love how your invitations turned out... I'm sure she is so happy with them!

Beautiful pages too ((hugs))


Vanessa said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw Hunny, I didn`t see it until now, such an amazing Page, I am sooooooooooo in love whit it!!!! THANK YOU so much!!!!!
Many hugs and kisses to you!!!

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