Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some new pages and loads of rambling LOL!

Good Evening Everyone!

How are you all going today? I have had a good day here. My girlfriend didn't come again but is for sure tomorrow to do these wedding invites so I got a load of scrapping done again today. I think I am getting closer to being caught up. LOL! I think!!! LOL! And in-between the scrapping today I had 3 girls fighting like cats and dogs. The 2 eldest ones go back to school on the 10th or the 11th of February and OMG it's looking so bloody good at the moment. LOL! The eldest 2, Jaz and Gypsy ended up getting kicked off the Wii and I made them sit on the couch for almost 2 hours and I went and put an OLD black and white movie on just to REALLY tick them off and it worked. LOL! How mean do I sound. HAHAHAHA! But OMG it worked a treat! They have almost been angles for the rest of the arvo and night too. LOL LOL!
Mummy the Monster had enough of the cat fights and ended it. I some how don't think they will act like that again in a hurry! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anyway LOL, I got 2 CT pages done this morning that are yet to be released and I also made a page using MK-Designs kit and also a page using Laurie Ann from Heaven's Gate Designs kit too. Pretty happy with all pages I made today. I think my mojo just might be back 90% for me now. YAYYYY! hehehehe!

Here is the first one to show off using Laurie Ann from Heaven's Gate Designs kit called November Road. This kit is so gorgeous and I soooo have more ideas to come from this kit. Love it!


November Rain

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And here is the second page to show off to you using MK-Designs gorgeous and awesome kit, Der Wetterfrosch. This kit is sooo awesome too and I want to keep playing with this one as well.


Not Easy Being Green

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Ok I am off to have an earlier night tonight so I can be up and raring to go with these invites and also rest up for tomorrow night. We are all going down to Seven Mile Beach fishing with friends tomorrow night and I can't wait. Love getting out there with everyone and with a bit of luck we catch a heap of good fish and Gummy shark too. LOL! I hope this finds you all going awesome and having a great day!
Hugs & Kisses


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