Friday, January 22, 2010

"Sweet Moment" by Starlight Designs

How is everyone going tonight/today? I have been Mrs Fix It here today around this house and then this afternoon we took off and went squidding and only caught two. LOL! I was actually planning on staying home this afternoon and scrapping my heart out but noooo, I got dragged out of the house again. LOL!
Apparently fresh air is good for ya!

I have a gorgeous new kit from Starlight Designs to show off to you all called Sweet Moment.
This kit is totally gorgeous.


And if you head on over to her blog you can pick yourself up this beautiful Quickpage Freebie

And here is my page using this beautiful kit.

Sweet Moment

Click Here to leave some love in my DST gallery.

Ok it's 12.25am here and I soooo need my bed. I seriously need to start sleeping more because I am starting to get a little run down and getting sore throat. I sooooo hope I am not getting that stupid flu again. Whaaaaa.
Hope this finds you all going amazing and hope you all have a brilliant day/night wherever this may find you.


TRACEY said...

Damn you Dunno for dragging Tara out of the house.. fresh air.. who needs fresh air.. its a myth....LOL..

You know I love squid.. hint hint..

gorgeous pages as always..theres some absolutely wonderful kits getting around at the moment isnt there?

weekend.. who knows.. I have pages to make.. I know that.. gord.. I just cant get it going for the last couple of days.. and man.. are those pages growing by the minute..

so.. dunno wasnt impress with Taite then I take it...
he's just beautiful taite.. not dunno.. LOL..

I better get moving.. and stop wasting time.. I have been cleaning all day.. at work and home.. and sick to the guts of it all.. I need sleep.. I am going to super glue my bloody eyes shut tomorrow night if I wake up early in the morning.. i'll give em open at 4 every day... its Bullcrap

let me know if yous want to get together for a drink or 10 :)...

Vanessa said...

OMG, this is such a darling page hunny!!!
My fingers are crossed and hope you are feeling better today?!
And hey, did you see what I did the last weeks?? I have a new "Job" and a new page for it, maybe you want to take a look -->
Hugs & Kisses to you sweetheart!!

Vanessa said...

And hey, where are you on Facebook??? I can`t find you there :((

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