Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A brand new RAK for Irina, aka Sashinamama.....

I am back with another new page to show off. This time it's a RAK for the gorgeous Irina, aka Sashinamama.

This page originally started off as a wallpaper I made today for one of the girls from Hubby's work over in the Melbourne Head Office and once I had finished it I totally saw Irina's gorgeous little man sitting in there so I changed it around a little and here it is. Pretty happy with it if I do say so myself. HAHAHAHA!
His photo just totally fitted the page so well, what do ya reckon?

I used Kasia Designs awesome Sea Stories II to make this page.

Here is my page using this gorgeous kit.

Sea Stories - RAK 4 Sashinamama

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Ok I am off to relax in Photoshop because I am sooooo full from our beautiful tea. Beef & Reef! My Hubby's specialty. It's sooooo beautiful and you can't get one better at any resturant. YUM!

I hope this finds you all going great and I will be back tomorrow with a new page to show off I reckon. Of course that is if DST behaves itself and stays up and running. LOL LOL!


Rebecca said...

So adorable!! I am so glad to have found your blog from the DST Praise Game! I am totally astounded by your work, and will have lots of fun exploring your blog! I am continually working on my extractions, but have so far to go to get to where you are! Thank you for the inspiration!!

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