Saturday, March 20, 2010

♥♥ Thank you Wendy & Kimla ♥♥

Good Evening,

Well the voting is all over and done with. Not sure where they are up to yet with the tally but I have to say voting ROCKS down here in Tasmania!! None of those pesky seagulls at the door handing out a whole tree worth of paper which instantly gets thrown into the bins. They said on the news tonight that handing all that paperwork out is banned! Bring it ON in November when we have to go back and do it all again. LOL LOL!

Last night I got a PM over at DST from my gorgeous friend Wendy (aka Wendy85) and guess what? She's so gorgeous, she RAK'd me with Kimla's brand new kit Floral Phase. How SWEET is that!!
Thank you so very very much Sweetie for choosing me. Both you girls!! I appreciate it heaps and had so much fun playing with it. Thank youuuuuu!

by Kimla Designs

And here is my page using this gorgeous new kit.

Floral Phase

Click Here to view full credits in my DST Gallery.

It's Saturday night here in Australia and again I am blogging, very slowly. Only 5 more days until I get my full speed back again. Bring it ON! LOL! I hate these small data limits on satellite broadband. They suck so much. Ok I better keep going for a bit here and get back to the couch. LOL! Have been watching TV all afternoon here and been a real couch potato. LOL! Although I did get all the animals fed and did the washing in-between my lazing on the couch. hehehehehe!
I hope this finds you all going great and having a great weekend. I shall return tomorrow I think with another new post and something new to show off. If not it will be Monday morning.
Again, thank you so very much again to Wendy and Kimla. You've made my weekend here girls.
Have a good one!


wendy said...

you are soo welcome sweetpea!;))
Love you LO!! sooo beautiful!!


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