Friday, April 9, 2010

"Sundri" by MK-Designs

Good Evening Everyone! I am a wee bit beside myself here at the moment. I just took the rubbish out and something weird and cold landed on my hand, well in the half dark out with the kids and a torch I think I almost crapped my pants!! HAHAHAHAHA! It was a leech!!!!!! OMG I have the heebie jeebies BIG time now. LOL LOL! Took a fair bit of screaming and smacking and it came off thank goodness otherwise I would have been a total mess. LOL LOL! Can you tell I am not too keen on leeches?? HAHAHAHAHA!

Ok back on topic! LOL! I have a gorgeous new kit to show off to you tonight from the gorgeous Marlies (MK-Designs).

by MK-Designs

And here are my pages using this beauty.

Sundri - RAK 4 Irina (Sashinamama)

Click Here to view full credits in my DST Gallery.

Dragons Lair - RAK 4 Vanessa (Vanessa06)

Click Here to view full credits in my DST Gallery.

I also have another new page to show off, again using a gorgeous MK-Designs kit.

by MK-Designs

And here is my page using this gorgeous kit.

Boom Boom Boom

Click Here to view full credits in my DST Gallery.

Ok I am off to finish preparing my homemade pizza bases and get these kiddies fed. I am soooooo HUNGRY now. LOL! I hope you all have the best weekend and I shall return over the weekend I reckon.
Have a good one.


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