Tuesday, June 15, 2010

There's a mouse in the Dirty Corner

Good Afternoon!

How are we all today? I have been a busy busy bee this morning cleaning up junk up upstairs and I am having a break now while Lil has a sleep. I don't want to keep doing it but I have to now I have started. Whaaa. LOL!

I have one very AMAZING AMAZING kit to show off to you all this afternoon. I absolutely love it!

by High Four Designs

And here are all of my pages using this adorable kit.
5 all up!!! hehehehe!

Feeling A Bit Mousey - RAK 4 Natalia (aka natalka)

Here Mousey Mousey - RAK 4 Violet

Down In Shabby Street - RAK 4 Magda

Snoozin In The Dirty Corner - RAK 4 Radka

In The Dirty Corner - RAK 4 Violet

Click Here to view full credits in my Deviant Scrap gallery.
Not all pages are up yet though. LOL!

And while you are in the store make sure you grab this amazing Quickpage Freebie!!

by High Four Designs

Ok I better keep moving but before I go, I also have my blog a makeover to match these pages. Isn't it adorable. hehehehe! Ok gotta go and finish off this cleaning soon. Whaaa! I hope this finds you all going amazing and having an awesome day or night wherever this finds you.


Eryn said...

Don't mind me....just sitting here drooling over your blog and pages.

Jitka said...

WOWWW, absolutely amazing pages!!!

High Four Designs said...

you are so fast girl! I make a little breake last night! So you faster then me! LOL
I love your Blogdesigne so much!!!! really fabulous!

wendy said...

Incredible pages sweetie!!

Tara said...

Awwww girls, thank you so so very much!!! And LOL Eryn, you'll sticky your keyboard up soon. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Love Ya'sssss xoxoxoxoxo

Tara said...

And I forgot to add, LOL Dani. I was so eager to get this out to the world! hehehehehe! Told ya I loooooooved it. hehehehehehe! You ROCK!!!!!

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