Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Be in it to win it!!!

Do you want to win a whole 12 months worth of High Four Designs?? I know I certainly would LOVE to win it!! And it's as easy as buying a totally ADORABLE mini kit! Too easy hey!

By purchasing this Lottery Ticket you will be automatically entered in for a chance to win access to Dani's store for an entire year! Amazing hey!!

Be sure to grab this now while you can.
August the 31th is the end of the lottery.
The product will then be sold without a lottery ticket!!!

Dani has asked that you do not use coupons when purchasing this item.
If a coupon is used, your entry will be disqualified and you don't want that to happen.

Little Farm - Lottery Ticket
by High Four Designs

And here are my pages using this adorable adorable mini kit! It's so loaded you can't even tell it's a mini kit!

Little Farmer - RAK 4 Wendy

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Farmer Boy - RAK 4 Marina

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

In The Chook House - RAK 4 Marina

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Be sure to run to the Deviant Scrap Store and get your tickets in for this amazing amazing chance! Good luck to you all! Can't wait to see who the lucky winner is going to be!

Ok I have to keep moving and sort this wood heater out. I need to replace the old and broken baffle in there with the brand spanking new one and it's cool enough to touch now and it's sooooo cold here today. Of all days to go and let the heater go out! My fingers are so numb and cold. Brrrrrr. Ok off to do this before they snap off from the cold. LOL LOL! Hope this finds you all going amazing and having a great day or night wherever this may find you.


High Four Designs said...

what a annoncing!!! and so beaun beautiful blogdesig again!!! :D

Tara said...

Awwwwww Sweetie! Thank you so so so very MUCH!!! Makes it super easy when I am using your awesome designs!!!!
Love Ya xoxoxoxo

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