Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some HUGE news from 9th & Bloom

Morning Everyone!

Well who's been the worst blogger?? Yep, ME! hehehe! But I have a good reason. I didn't have the best of weeks last week and now all of my girls are so sick and so am I and my girl Trace (swathe) too! We have all copped it, and copped it good too. So please bare with me while I attempt to play catch up slowly here. On a brighter note though, my Mummy is down here in Tassie for the week on a trial at my Hubby's work and loving it. It's so awesome having her down here but I have been trying my butt off not to let her get sick too. She's going home at the end of the week and going to help Dad pack house and then moving down here to live just up the road from us. How COOL is THAT! I LOVE my parents to the moon and back and I can't wait to have them around us all of the time again. It's been a long 3 and a half years not living near them I tell ya now. But I am so so so excited and so are they. My girls are totally beyond excited too. They adore their Granma and Poppy so much. So I am not full of sadness in this post, heaps of excitement actually. hehehehe!

And some even more exciting news! Our gorgeous Emi from emeto designs has moved store to 9th & Bloom! I know I am a bit behind the times and you all probably know BUT I gotta shout it out too. So excited for ya Sweetie! The girls over at 9th & Bloom have made up a gorgeous collab to celebrate the grand opening and it's yours totally FREE with all purchases made over $10! How cool is THAT! But if you haven't got $10 to spare, never fear!! You can grab this gorgeous collab up for only $6.50 on sale, for a limited time!

by 9th & Bloom

And here is my page using Emi's part of the collab with my youngest daughter Lily.

Priceless Memories

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Ok I must keep moving and keep catching up because I have LOADS more goodies to come. I hope this finds you all going amazing and having an awesome day or night wherever this may find you.


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