Friday, July 30, 2010

Where my dreams begin.....

Good Morning Everyone!

How are we all going today? I hope everyone is going great! I spent about 30 minutes online yesterday and then the rest on the couch sick as a dog again. Whaaaaa. The sooner this bug goes away the better I tell ya. It's a vicious cycle. We all get it one by one and then around it comes again. Whaaa. LOL! But I am feeling loads better today thank goodness. I have to get better because I have my friend Nat flying in with her 3 boys, Ryley, Ashton and Brodie tomorrow for the week and I am sooooooo EXCITED to see them. Haven't seen them since I left the mainland 3 years and 4 months ago. Been way too long so I am so so so excited to see them. AND I have even MORE exciting news too! Next Friday my Mum will be flying in for a week on a work trial at my Hubby's work and then she will fly back home and help Dad pack up house and they are moving down here to Tassie with us. How exciting is AUGUST! Yep, so bloody exciting. I can't wait to have my Mummy and Daddy around us all of the time. Hate being so far away from them but now they will be here with us. I am so beyond excited about it. So I think my year has just taken a turn for the absolute BEST! I can't wait!

Ok enough chit chat! LOL! I have something totally gorgeous and precious to show off to you all and best of all, it includes one very precious FREEBIE!

After Five Designs is having one very amazing party and you are all invited to the amazing Freebie Hop! How cool is THAT!

And of course Dawn from Createwings Designs has one very amazing and precious freebie for you all to grab up AND it is a PERFECT add-on to her Where Dreams Begin kit!

By Createwings Designs

And here is my page using this gorgeous freebie. I have also used some bits and pieces from Dawn's Where Dreams Begin kit just to complete my page.

Lily Elf

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Ok I have to totally keep moving for the moment and do some catching up and then I am getting into PS to get some scrap therapy happening and then I think I might hop into bed and have a little bit of a snooze. We will see what happens. LOL! I hope this finds you all going totally amazing and I hope you all have the BEST weekend. I think I am going to have a ball! I can't wait! YAYYYY! Only one more sleep to go Nat! YAYYY! Can't wait!! Have a good one everyone!


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