Wednesday, September 15, 2010

In the words of Alice Cooper....

Yep! Only Women Bleed is what I chose to name this page. When I was making this page I had been going through a fair bit and as I do, I got into Photoshop and did some scrap therapy. I tell ya, if you haven't tried doing a page when you are in a mood, give it a go. The release you feel when that page is done is amazing and of course, if it wasn't for Hollie from Holliewood Studios I couldn't have ever got this out of my system!
That's girls kits are sooooo amazing to burn off some steam so head on over and pick up some scrap therapy supplies and get de-stressing!

Only Women Bleed

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

And speaking of Holl, keep your eyes peeled on this spot!! Let's just say WOW!!! Actually WOW is putting it lighty and I can't quiet say the word I really want too but trust me, keep an eye out ok! LOL!

Ok I have to keep running and get a few more posts done and then off to my warm bed for some shut eye.


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