Monday, October 18, 2010

My BIG news is HERE!!!

I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date! hehehehe!
Nah seriously I am a bit behind tonight. I went and got my hair cut off this afternoon and then come home and started eating our dinner and our friends, Greg and Gloria from back home arrived. We were SO excited to see them. Two of the most gorgeous people you could ever come across I tell ya! Was so awesome to catch up!
And then Trav and Em come up too so I have had visitors all evening and night. Been a really AWESOME day all round I tell ya! Not only did we have visitors today, I put up my very first kit on my own up in the Deviant Scrap store! How EXCITING is THAT! Yep, I am beyond excited today and have been having the best day I tell ya!

So tonight I have my very first kit to show off to you all and also a coordinating blogwear and FREEBIE to match too! Now what more could you want!
The theme is Halloween/Dark of course considering this is the month that Halloween is celebrated! My most favourite mediums of art too! I just wish we celebrated Halloween here! I want to dress up! LOL!

by Downunder Studios

by Downunder Studios

by Downunder Studios

And now for some amazing artwork from my amazingly talented girls and myself! Thank you all from the bottom of my heart! I love you all to bits!!

And if you head on over to the Deviant Scrap forum you will find a challenge that both myself, Ev from Finecrafted Designs and Dani from High Four Designs are running this week! You will go in the running so win some very AMAZING prizes from the 3 of us girls!!

This challenge, you will be playing for:
winner 1 - $10 coupon to High Four's store
winner 2 - $10 coupon to Finecrafted Designs store
winner 3 - $7 coupon to Downunder Designs store
AND bonus winner - 20% OFF a 150x50 blinkie package from Downunder Designs

Yes, FOUR winners for this round! Good luck to EVERYONE who participates!!

CLICK HERE to go and play for your chance to win win WIN!!!!

And now for something special for 2 lucky blog readers!

Use the coupon code:
to receive my Into The Darkness totally FREE!
Coupon expires on the 31st of October, 2010.

And if you sign up to my brand new Newsletter, you will always receive specials with each and every release that hits my store over at Deviant Scrap!
Click HERE to sign up to my newsletter to receive special coupons, etc!

Ok I totally have to get my bum into bed and get some sleep. I shall be back tomorrow with loads more new goodies to show off to you all from all my girls over at the Deviant Scrap store! I hope this finds you all going amazing and having a brilliant day or night wherever this may find you.


biancka said...

I am one of the LUCKY readers !! Tara, first of all..........I am so happy to see you designing again. YAY You know I am a huge fan of your designs. Second......THANK YOU for the coupon. This Halloween kit simply ROCKS and I love it :)



Magda_lena said...

OMG OMG OMG, I'm the second :D :D :D
My GORGEOUS designer :lol:
I'm absolutely happy my friend and what I see, sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many marvellous pages from your perfect kit!!!
Thank you so much MY HOT MAMA :* :* :*
Million kisses :*

Wonder of my heart said...

Ohhhh crap LOL Congrats girlies!!!

Tara, sweet little tazmanian devil ;) That looks awesome hun for your first kit!!! Congrats sweetie and good luck ;)


High Four Designs said...

stunning my dear! ;)

wendy said...

damn!!!! I;m too late for the coupon!!!
But thank you sooooo much for the chance sweetpie!!

just Patty Anne said...

OH My Freaking Dog!!!!!!!
A blinkie AND a newsletter AND all this pimping of you??????????????
****picks teeth back up and puts them back in her mouth****

WOW! Go Tara... Go Tara... Go Tara...


Tara said...

ROFL!!!! Ohhhhhhh PA you crack me UP!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you girls sooooooooooooo MUCH! I love you all to bits and pieces ya know!!!! THANK YOUUUU!!!!

And B and Magda my Hot Mumma!!!!! CONGRATS GIRLS! YAYYYYYY! HOW exciting to see you girls be the very first winners! WHOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!!

Love You girls!!!!!!

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