Friday, November 12, 2010

Discovering Love......

Good Morning Everyone!

I have some VERY exciting news again from Deviant Scrap! This time it's our second guest for the month of November - the one and only Emi from emeto designs!!!!!

See, told ya it was very exciting news hey! Welcome welcome welcome to Deviant Scrap for the month of November Sweetie Pie! Soooooo excited to have you hanging with us all for the whole month Sweetie!

And GUESS WHAT??? Emi has a totally ADORABLE new kit for you all to grab up and let me tell you now, it's sooooo precious, as always!

by emeto designs
available at Deviant Scrap for the month of November.

And here are my pages using this precious kit! Both pages aren't in my galleries yet because for some reason I have apparently gone over my quota for the day??? I have no idea HOW but the first one shall be up tonight, Australian time.

Discovering Your Love - RAK 4 Anna

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Love Bird

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Ok I have to keep moving, do a little more catching up and then back into this house to prepare for this stupid house inspection and get it looking good enough for the photos they are going to take to put up on the internet. Impressed, NOT! LOL! I should hang some undies and bras around the place. hehehehe!!
The crazy such and such of a woman who owns this house has decided to put the house up on the market after telling us that she was leaving it for another 12 months but a day later it seems, it's going on the market and there are NO houses to rent in this area at the moment. Not really happy about it all and the next house we were meant to move into was our very own but that's not happening for a fair while so on the look out for another rental that is out of town. Ahhhhh Days of our Lives here I tell ya! LOL!
I hope you all have an amazing weekend! I can't believe it's Friday here already! Where did that week go? LOL! Have an awesome one and I shall be back on Monday with some AMAZING products from the world of Deviant!


Heather Jacob said...

wow oh wow !!! stunning, and beautiful and amazing, you are one talented lady... love your work.. thanks, hugs x

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