Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Deviant Scrap is LOADED full of new goodies...

Yep, and I really really mean LOADED to the brim full of goodies. WOW! Where do I begin? Let's kick off this post with our Queen Deviant, Hollie shall we? hehehehe! And let me warn you now, this post is fully loaded with everything DeviantScrap so don't miss a bit of this post! LOL!

Holl has a totally GORGEOUS and fully LOADED new kit this week for you all, with loads of inspiration from the one and only, Auntie Em. Hence the name of the kit. It's chocka's full of yummies I tell ya!

by Holliewood Studios

And here are my pages using this gorgeous gorgeous kit.

Deep With My Thoughts

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Ride Em Cowboy - RAK 4 Holl

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Next off the rank is something VERY VERY exciting for Deviant Scrap! We have been featured in the Spring Edition of the Somerset Digital Studio! You so don't want to miss this edition, trust me! We designers over at Deviant Scrap have come together to bring you one of the BIGGEST collab kits and guess what?? It's 100% FREE with your purchase of the magazine! Amazing huh! And of course if you are not in a country that gets this magazine, you can grab this FULLY LOADED kit up in the Deviant Scrap store for a very low price!

by Stampington & Company

And check this amazing collab out! This kit includes 61 Papers, 200 Elements and 1 Blogwear Template!

by The Deviant Scrap Designers

And here are my pages using this AMAZING collab.

Up next we have the monthly brand spanking new Deviant Muse that has hit the Deviant Scrap store and as always, it's 200% FREE!!!!

to be taken straight to the store where you can download your totally FREE edition!!

In this issue you will find:

Somerset Digital Studio News
Getting to know Clementine Designs
Welcome Shawnery Mathis aka reelynn
Art Doll Tutorial
Brand new challenge from Hollie
ATC Swap theme with bonus freebie
Transformation Cards theme
Altered P52
Site Freebies

Hollie's amazing new element pack has been featured in this edition of the Deviant Muse this month and let me tell you now, you are going to fall deep in LOVE with this pack. These animals are so CUTE and totally Steampunked UP!!!

by Holliewood Studios

And here are my pages using both Holl's animals and Ida's gorgeous model stock at Deviant Scrap! They were a match made in heaven I tell ya!

My Steampunk Pets

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Steampunkin' It!

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

But wait....That's it for now! hehehehe! Told ya this was going to be one super duper huge post. I hope you haven't all fallen asleep and are over in the store checking out all of these brand new goodies! There will be more to show off by the end of the week too! I am just a wee bit behind in the world of scrap at the moment. We have finally got the house we were trying to get so I am in the process of packing up my house and moving up the road to Forest. Wee bit excited and I am going to be close to everything, especially civilization! OMG I can't wait. hehehehe!
I hope this has found you all going great and having a great Hump Day today! I shall return towards the end of the week with more gorgeous goodies to show off to you all. Be Good!


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