Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Down in the cabbage patch.....

G'day Everyone,

I have soooo many new pages to get up in the gallery but with these girls so so sick and also myself I am finding it sooo hard to keep up I tell ya. No sleep now for 3 nights in a row. Let's hope tonight is the night! LOL! I am sooo exhausted but all I want is for my girls to feel 100% again. Sucks when little ones are so sick.

Ok to cheer myself up, I have a gorgeous new page to show off using Jofia Devoe's gorgeous October Shot - Mini Kit! I adore this so much, but then again, I adore everything and anything she makes. LOL!

This is a photo of my baby Lily which was taken last year when she was 7 months old. WHERE has the time gone???? It's scary because she is turning 2 on the 4th of January. Blows me away I tell ya.

Down In The Cabbage Patch

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Ok I will return with an AWESOME AWESOME new Christmas kit to show off and my pages too. This is THE Christmas kits of all Christmas kits I tell ya!! Hope this finds everyone going great and I hope you are all having a great week.
Big Hugs & Kisses,


Mumure said...

Your page is just so STUNNING!!!
She is so lovely!!!

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