Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Mystical Journey" by Joelle.....

Well it's Sunday morning here in Australia and I am finally getting my butt on the PC. LOL! On Friday my PC was turned off for the WHOLE day, the WHOLE day! I know, amazing hey! LOL! I wasn't home for long enough for it to stay on. As soon as I got up off I went into town and then spent the whole day at my girlfriends house and then got home that afternoon and I had to pack and get ready to go out to the Seven Mile Beach here in Tassie fishing with friends. Was such an AWESOME night. I haven't laughed that hard in so long. The fish weren't biting much at all but that didn't matter, was so much fun without it. LOL! Hubby ended up catching one Gummy Shark but it was so small so he put it back and Waxy ended up with a Cocky Salmon and Andrew ended up getting a big Skate and let that go, so not much on the fish side of things. LOL LOL!
And then yesterday I didn't turn my PC on until late last night because we were off cutting wood for a few hours and then we decided to pack the car up and we went driving the countryside here. LOL! Was great to get out and off the PC actually. Might start making it a weekend thing of not sitting here and getting out and doing things more. I enjoy it so much.

AND who else is going insane without DST working. OMG I can't believe how much I really really visit that place each day and how much I miss it when it's out. LOL LOL! Hopefully it's not too much longer until it's up and running properly. Fingers crossed anyway. LOL!

Ok I have rambled enough here. LOL! Let's get on with this GORGEOUS and AMAZING kit I have to show off to you all from our gorgeous Joelle called Mystical Journey.


And here is a set of 6 scene papers that you can also grab up HERE which are soooooooo amazing! Can you tell I just adore this kit!! hehehe!

And here are my FOUR pages using this kit!! Yep I got so into this kit and I made 4 pages for Joelle. hehehehe!

A Day In Africa

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At Peace With Nature

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Warrior Princess

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The Hills Are Alive

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Ok I am off here for a little bit to do some housework. Aghhhhhhk!! LOL! I have a neverending pile of washing to work on here so off I go. I shall be back later when I climb out of the washing pile. HAHAHAHAHA!
Hope you all have an awesome weekend and thanks for looking.
Hugs & Kisses


Dani³ said...

you have so wonderful time.... i will tooooooo!

Your Pages are magical! love it all!
hugs sweetie :X

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