Thursday, April 1, 2010

Brand new kit and some exciting stuff......

GOOD MORNING. hehehehe! The sun is half shining, the birds are singing, what a lovely day it is. NOT! LOL! My head hurts and I am sooooo tired. LOL! We had our good friends Jed and Alfie pop up for a visit yesterday afternoon and it turned into a long night, but a really awesome night. Been so long since we have caught up properly. Was great, even all the mixed drinks they brought up for me but my head is saying otherwise this morning. HAHAHAHAHA! Need more nights like that I reckon. Was so fun.

Well April the 1st is upon us already, April Fools Day to be exact and my head is in too much of a mush to play any jokes this morning so you all get this year off. HAHAHA! But the 1st of April means I am a guest for Marlies (MK-Designs) this month and I am so very excited about it. She's gorgeous!

April also brings a big birthday for me this year, my 30th. Aghhhhh! I seriously want to stay in my 20's forever BUT I know I can't avoid it any longer, it's going to happen whether I want it to or not. LOL LOL! I have been told by so many to just embrace it, so embrace it I am going to do. LOL!

OMG look, April brings a lot of chatter from me too. LOL! Ok back on task. LOL LOL!

I have a very gorgeous and adorable kit to show off to you all this morning from Tiramisu Design. It's gorgeous and I had so much fun working with this kit that I made 4 pages and I could seriously go back and make 10 more right this minute. LOL!

by Tiramisu Design

And here are my 4 new pages. Only 2 of them are in the galleries at the moment but they will be all in by tonight (AEST).

Seaside Memories

Click Here to view full credits in my DST Gallery.

Ahoy There

Click Here to view full credits in my DST Gallery.

Spring Waves

Click Here to view full credits in my DST Gallery.

Spring By The Sea - RAK 4 Sashinamama

Click Here to view full credits in my DST Gallery.

I also got the birthday invitation done yesterday and I am so so so very proud of it. Looks so awesome printed out and the lady I made it for just loves it so I am so excited. Ok I better keep moving and get something done here. I don't know what to start with but I better keep moving. I hope this finds you all going amazing and having an excellent day or night wherever this may find you. And for all of you who are travelling over the Easter weekend, please drive safely and I hope you all have a brilliant time off.


Pauline said...

Your layouts are soooo gorgeous and breathtaking, Tara! Love all of them! Just bought this kit this morning because I really fell in love with the kit and with your and other CT girls' pages!

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