Thursday, April 1, 2010

"Easter Bunnies" by MK-Designs

Wow it's already 10.25pm here. Where has today gone?? Flying on by fast that's where. LOL!
I totally forgot to say this morning that today is the 3rd anniversary of us living down here in Tasmania. The past 3 years have just flown on by so fast but I love living down here, although I am totally dreading the Winter coming back this year. Brrrrrr.

I have a totally gorgeous kit to show off to you all tonight from Marlies (aka MK-Designs). This is such a sweet and beautiful little Easter kit and it's not limited to just Easter and Spring either. It's gorgeous.

by MK-Designs

And here is my page using this gorgeous kit.

Little Bunny Surprise

Click Here to view full credits in my DST Gallery.

I hope this finds you all going amazing and I will be back over the next few days. We are not going anywhere for the Easter break which isn't to bad but I hope to get out and do some family things. The girls are home now until the 12th of April so they are going to get loads of well deserved rest and Mum might get some sleep in's too if she's lucky. LOL! I shall be back tomorrow with some more gorgeousness to show off to you all.


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