Monday, June 7, 2010

NEW from Tumble Fish Studio.....

What a weekend I had here. I pretty much have everything organised here now. I have thrown out so much crap and of course, kept a lot of it too but I am pretty happy with this clearing out. On a sad note, the kids sadly found my pussy cat Hamish yesterday who has been missing for 4 days and unfortunately he is resting in peace now up in kitty heaven. I am so very upset because he was my mate. Always talked to me, always cuddled up to me (he only ever allowed both myself and Lily to pick him up) he was just always there with me and for me and now his sadly gone. :( Gunna miss ya Mate xoxoxoxo

On a brighter note, our very own Marsha (aka Tumble Fish Studio) has some totally awesome stuff in the store for everyone. This girl rocks!!

by Tumble Fish Studio

by Tumble Fish Studio

And here is my piece using these awesome goodies.

The Gentlemen's Club

Click Here to view full credits in my DS gallery.

I hope this finds you all going great and I hope you all had an awesome weekend!


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