Friday, October 15, 2010

It's Your Special Day.....

That's right! It's your special day today because you can grab yourself up one very GORGEOUS and PRECIOUS birthday/everyday kit from my girl Emi! This kit is so versatile and I absolutely love it to bits. And Emi's choice in colours, as always YUM! You rock Sweetie!!

by emeto designs

And here are both of my pages using this amazing kit.

A Special Day - RAK 4 Natalia (natalka)

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Precious Day

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Ok I have to keep moving and get my butt ready to go into town and get something for tea. Totally forgot to pull something out this morning. LOL! And with a bit of luck this will work. My internet connection is playing up and not liking me uploading images. GROAN! Been on the phone to tech support but they aren't sure what's exactly happening so I have to wait until probably Monday now to find out. Gotta love the speediness of Satellite Broadband support, NOT!!!!! The sooner we move the better and I will be making sure that it's totally DSL enabled! LOL!
Ok I hope you all have the BEST weekend and I shall be back on Monday with my exciting news.


Eryn said...

wow! gorgeous tara! I think I need this kit!

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