Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting all messy...

I'm back!! Very very behind but I am finally back. LOL! My Husband ended up getting a severe infection right up his right leg and ended up getting put into hospital for a few days while they pumped in the antibiotics to try and clear the infection BUT they didn't attempt to treat the source of the infection because it looked gross and they weren't going to touch THAT! Like WTF?!?!?!?!? It's their profession, not mine!! But as luck may have it, my Mum was a nurse for 33 years so she stepped in and helped us out. She's almost got all of the dead skin on the bottom of his foot cut away now and it's looking all nice and pink underneath now thanks to a lot of doses of pure peroxide! LOL! If it wasn't for Mum he'd be back in hospital and in a very bad way. So thank you Mum!!
Love YOU!!

Ok I have LOADS and LOADS of goodies to show off to you all today. And I mean LOADS! hehehehe! I will start off with heather's awesome new mask pack!

by TotallyWild Dezinez

by Irene Alexeeva

And here is my page using these beauties, and it's also a RAK for our gorgeous Marzenka.

Behind The Barn

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

I shall be back shortly with loads more to show off. I hope this finds you all going amazing and having a great day or night wherever this may find you.
(ps It's just taken me over an hour to get this blog post to work. Doesn't look like my blogger dashboard is working with Google Chrome today. GROAN!!! LOL)


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