Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The Art Box sequel is HERE!!

Good Morning!

Yep, you totally read right!! Holl has made a sequel to her amazing Art Box kit, Art Box 2!! How AMAZING is THAT!! And let me tell you now, it's so FULLY loaded full of everything you want or need for those awesome arty farty pages! I LOVE IT!!

by Holliewood Studios

And if you haven't already checked out Holl's original Art Box, head on over and grab it up and combine the 2 kits together for one huge mega Art kit!!

And here is my page using this fully loaded art kit. I even painted my Lily girl up to match. And speaking of my Lily girl, it's her 3rd Birthday today! YAYYYY!
I Love you to the moon and back and I hope you have the BEST day ever.

Little Artist

Click Here to view full credits in my DS Gallery.

Ok I am off to celebrate Lil's Birthday with her. Might see if I can't get the motorbike going for them today and get them outside. I hope this finds you all going amazing and having an awesome week!


Wonder of my heart said...

Hollie's kit is amazing and I love your page sweetie ohh and your blogwear as well ;)

Congrats to you sweet little girl, hope she is having a wonderful and gorgeous day!!!

Ohh and uhhh...a bit late, but Happy Newyear hun!!

xoxo Natascha

Magda_lena said...

oh my GORGEOUS friend I wish Lily all the best and sweet little life :)
Kiss from Eryk :*

Love U :*

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